Professionals Caring for you at Christian Mosso Group

Robin Windham

Business Manager

(404) 521-0799
Since 7/1/1999

CMA is like a family to me, which makes it easy to get up each morning and go to work! I have been in this industry over 20 years, not selling but managing the back office. It might not seem as inspiring as selling all of our beautiful lines but it is my passion, which allows me to Love My Job.

Christian Mosso


(404) 521-0799
Since 1/5/1988

It is hard to imagine a nicer industry to work in than this one... I love the joy that our beautiful products bring to people and I particularly enjoy working in creative solutions for our talented manufacturers. Most of all, I love the people I have the privilege to work with.

Laura Mosso

Vice President

(404) 521-0799
Since 6/1/1990

It is a wonderful environment to use my training as a fashion designer. I get to use and enjoy my artistic skills in preparing the showrooms for the shows and also when selecting products and lines. I feel fortunate to always be surrounded by pretty things and very nice people.

Lili Casanova

Designer Sales and Service

(404) 521-0799
Since 00/00/00

100% dedicated to the success of our talented designer clients

Sherri Dias

Sales Support

(678) 989-4458
Since 7/1/2004

I have been with CMA for over 10 years now and can't imagine working with a better group of people. I am part of the back office team and I truly enjoy what I do and being able to be a part of something so special. I enjoy the communication I have with the vendors and the sales reps and have made some great friends! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in CMA's success.